I live to learn. Learning is my passion.

I love to discover new things, to distil what I have learnt, and to share my knowledge in an accessible way.

My mission is to guide, inspire and empower the mind, heart and soul of individuals. I want to enable people to discover, grow and bring out the best of themselves.

Over time, I have discovered and enjoyed various interests as a result of my passion for learning. My interests are too numerous to list - life is too short to be stuck obsessing about a single interest! For example, I enjoy designing web pages (self-taught, since 1997!) and discovering cultures through their food and cuisines, to name a few.


I am currently employed as a Senior Teaching Fellow at the Department of Computing, Imperial College London.

I am also the degree coordinator and an admissions tutor of the MSc Computing degree programme.

I currently teach Python Programming and Introductory Machine Learning courses.

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I hold a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Computer Science from the University of Leeds, UK.

While I am no longer active in academic research, I have years of research experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence, more specifically in two major fields in applied Machine Learning: Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.

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